Tom Horrocks

Contracts and Compliance Officer

With my help in the background, our compliance allows sellers and purchasers to be confident about their property transaction.

My role is to provide an invaluable resource to our licensee salespeople when assisting our clients and customers with what is most likely their biggest investment.

Ray White Damerell Group see this role as essential due to changes in the legal/regulatory environment. It has become increasingly strict, causing increased demands on all licensees, especially those in positions of responsibility. The amount of time it takes to keep up with current laws and decisions, their meaning and interpretations, along with being able to educate licensee salespeople and agents on how the law affects their occupation and their clients, has increased dramatically over the past few years.

‘Licensee salespeople now have a resource available to them at all times, who can answer their questions promptly and accurately, who the licensees trust’

This role gives our licensees peace of mind, as well as an added layer of protection for the vendor. I do not simply look at the Title and Land Information Memorandum (LIM) in front of me, I visit the property to ensure that these documents reflect what is physically there. If required, I then draft appropriate clauses to fulfill our disclosure obligations to potential purchasers and to ensure vendors are protected in terms of representations and warranties they give.

For clarity, my role in no way overrides a vendor or purchaser’s need to seek independent legal advice. It is an added layer of protection for all parties.

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30 June 2017

Compliance & Contracts

From listing through to settlement, Tom Horrocks makes sure that we do our absolute best to protect the legal interests of both buyers and sellers.


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